2030 — the United Nations deadline for Sustainable Development Goals — is no longer a distant target. And no single organization will end the global water crisis on its own.

Solving for SDG 6 (water and sanitation for all) requires urgent, innovative, collective action and a new way of doing things. Founded in 2021, One For All is a global alliance working across 15 countries.



By working with governments, communities, NGOs and supporters, we’ll increase local and national impact to contribute to sustained or improved services for 200 million people by 2030.

Working at scale empowers local leadership and makes it possible to close resource loops and address issues of justice and equity. Not every organization is ready—or can—commit to a shared strategy, but they can use the principles that drive our alliance: to accelerate change through collective action, systems strengthening and work toward a mutual accountability framework.

BEyond SDG6

In addition to Sustainable Development Goal 6, our work also accelerates the SDG agenda in these areas:

Expand WASH in schools and healthcare facilities

Generate opportunities for women and girls

Create business opportunities in WASH.

Develop quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure

Create sustainable cities and communities

Accelerate response to the climate emergency

Partner with other organizations to increase pace of change


What drives us is accelerating change through systems strengthening, collective action and holding ourselves collectively accountable. Each member has complimentary skillsets that, when combined, allow us to move further, faster.

One For All members are all committed to a joint strategy and monitoring system, and we’re very focused on collaborating with local, subnational, and national governments and regional and global institutions to develop lasting climate-resilient water and sanitation systems.